Monday, June 16, 2014

This blog is devoted to my learning the ins and outs of Celtic Christianity in its various places in Ireland and Scotland, Wales, England, and Continental Europe and to finding out especially what one might gleen, recall, contextualize—and build on—from that past.  I expect some spiritual insights, an alternative point of view, an existential revelation, or at least a glimpse of a different cultural world view.  

I assume that the work of the Celtic Church, the labors of those monks among our ancestors, has been to some significant degree obfuscated, marginalized or treated anachronistically. It may be.  If the book about them can be "dusted off," then we can gain a fuller, truer record of past "states of our souls." So it is a spiritual and also secular and ideological quest.  I can learn from the "unaltered" history, and also from the history of that alteration.  I hope to say at some point, "isn't THAT interesting."  I hope that it will help modify my assumptions about the world.  That particular way that we are "slotted in."  So this is my gesture, my faint, my essai, my mode de rĂ©sistance, and my chosen point of access.  My run at the goal past defenders.  Well, they say that "truth" will set you free?
I don't go where everybody else goes.  No "vale" there! And I don't stay there long once I am "there."  I look forward to visiting Canterbury this summer, so I hope that will lead to another vale soon!